Changing credit card on file

I’m trying to change the credit card that’s stored on my account, as the old one has expired. I just can’t figure out how to do this (trying to pay for Oktoberfest). Tucker isn’t aware of how to do this. Any vendors know the trick? Thank you!

UPDATE: I tried registering again, just for the heck of it. Since my card was declined the first time, my payment info popped up, and I was allowed to change it! So, problem solved.

When you click “pay now” does a little window pop up with the saved card information on it? If so you can click where the card number is and hit delete (on keyboard). You should then be able to enter the new card information.

I’m working from my iPad, as always. There’s no edit or delete function. I tried searching my profile, but credit card info isn’t available there

We do not store/save your CC info anywhere ourselves - that behavior is typically provided by your computer/browser, but it might also be something within the CC processor we use. If you can capture/share a screenshot of the dialogue you are seeing, I might be able to narrow it down