Collegedale 5/17 Report

Just a quick update: sales at Collegedale yesterday rose slightly, and actually exceeded Mother’s Day! That’s pretty terrific.

Thanks to everyone who has been supporting that location, and hopefully you have been enjoying the good sales. Those customers are not going to travel downtown to Chattanooga, so please consider maintaining a presence even as we open up the other locations. Diversification of your customer base is strategically sound.

More soon…


Any plans for arts and crafts?

June is still the target expansion point for Collegedale, pending health trends. Maybe a food truck or two, as well.

For now, that timeline seems fairly solid. The state continues to ease some restrictions. Festivals and such are still prohibited, so that’s what we need to steer clear of.

What are the plans if it rains this Sunday?

Current forecast calls for 8% chance of rain after 2pm, and less earlier in the morning. I think we’re just going to have to watch the weather as Sunday approaches and risk it. There is no great Plan C

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