Collegedale Annex Approved

Last evening, the Collegedale Tomorrow Foundation approved a construction contract to begin work on a $1.2m annex at the Commons – the new feature will include meeting rooms and a catering prep/staging area among its features.

Construction on the project will begin Monday, and is scheduled to be complete by October 1, 2021. The site is located to the East of Founders Hall, in an area where many vendors have used the fire lane to load into the facility. It’s an exciting new development, but all great things take some time and discomfort to accomplish.

At this time, I’m not entirely sure what impact construction will have on the location, other than some disruption will naturally occur. The venue will remain open for events and markets, including several upcoming weddings, so I do feel that everything is being done with sensitivity and proper care to us and others.

To ensure that we are able to operate smoothly, I’ve reduced our market capacity by 15-20%. As we learn how to operate within the “under construction” framework, and as COVID restrictions are lifted, we will increase capacities as permitted by the health officials.


From the photos, you can see that the North (left) entrance to Founder’s Hall is not going to be accessible this season. Otherwise, everything will remain unimpeded for the markets and other events – the front area is fine, and the inside of the building is undisturbed.