Collegedale Christmas Market 2019

For the first time ever, our 3rd Annual Collegedale Christmas Market will be held over two weekends this year! We had a strong turnout last year, and many people (both customers and vendors) asked for a second week of opportunity – so we are taking your suggestions to heart and giving it a whirl.

All vendors must register in advance for this event, including reserved booth holders. Interior space is limited, and will anticipate that it will reach capacity.

Initial capacity is set at 40 booths, which is the comfortable interior capacity of Founders Hall. Vendors setting up for both weekends will be allowed to remain in place during the week, with the building doors secured. Any exterior vendors will need to break-down and remove their fixtures from week to week; no overnight security will be provided!

  • Registration for all four days will open first: $80/all four days + 10% sales commission
  • In several weeks, any remaining spots will be made available on a single day basis for $25/day + 10% sales commission

You must be an approved Market Vendor in order to participate during this event; prospective vendors are invited to contact us for more information. Active Collegedale Market vendors will be given priority access, but they must notify us quickly if they desire to participate — August 15th is the cutoff for priority access.

Click here to register

12% filled in the first two hours :slight_smile: How fun!

OK - The Collegedale Christmas Market is half filled! Appreciate the strong interest, and I believe it’s going to be a fun set of weekends