Collegedale Christmas Market 2020 (Update)

Several vendors have inquired about setting up outdoors during the Collegedale Christmas Market, and we will be launching registration for that option tomorrow around lunch. Space will again be limited, so this post is simply a heads-up that the option will be going live tomorrow.

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Christmas Market (Outdoors) and the final few Collegedale Market 2020 dates are now available.

Several vendors have inquired about our winter plans for Collegedale; after the Christmas Market, we will take a short break and resume our Winter Market activities around Feb 7. January traditionally is not a great time period for retail (post-holiday hangover), and in general we’ve not found it to be a terribly productive month for opening the markets. (Our Erlanger Market, which we hope to eventually reopen, was a bit of an exception).

I’m going to hold of on formalizing the Winter Market layout/plans for now, in hopes that the health crisis might improve between now and then. If we are still under the same guidelines in February as we are today, then only about half of the vendors who participated last Winter Market season will be allowed to join us this year. That’s a bummer, so I’m hoping time might improve our options a bit.

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What are the set up times for the Holiday Market in Collegedale?

We usually setup Collegedale a couple hours before the event (so Saturday morning about 8am). Smaller footprint, fewer vendors, and more entrances – so much simpler logistics.