Collegedale Freedom Celebration & Fireworks

On Monday, the City of Collegedale approved our continued involvement in the production of their Freedom Celebration to be held on Thursday, July 1, 2021 starting at 4pm. Some notable changes this year:

  • all festival activity will be located at the Commons, with Founders Hall being the centerpiece
  • all entertainment, food trucks and other forms of animation will be at the single site
  • they are not planning to close Apison Pike this year; there will be no food trucks or live entertainment offered at Veteran’s Park

There will likely be additional requests from the City as the festival approaches, but this is our starting point for planning purposes. We will once again be hosting a Freedom Market on that date, and as mentioned be the primary coordinator of food trucks for the festival. This is one of our most strategic moments to promote the Collegedale Market, and expose it to new faces, so we once again look forward to the return of this great event.

More info to follow!