Collegedale Market - Expanded Format!

Great news! The City of Collegedale has given us permission to expand our market format, and now we are allowing Arts/Crafts Vendors to register - along with two Food Trucks with an emphasis on to-go items (onsite dining is still discouraged).

It’s been interesting comparing Collegedale to Chattanooga vendor sales for May; frankly, a few strong farms/food providers have been selling 50% more at Collegedale than they did downtown. It’s a solid community, with a strong interest in local foods and goods. Average sales between the two markets are remarkably similar - $680 for Chattanooga vs $600 for Collegedale.

Registration for Arts/Crafts and Food Trucks is now online for Collegedale 5/31, and I’m going to be adding additional Collegedale markets throughout the day. Health priorities remain in effect, but this is a great step towards the return to normalcy.


Hi Chris. Sorry if this is the incorrect page for general questions. I’m registered for the June 13 River Market but I didn’t realize it runs both sat. and sunday. Am I reserved for both days or just sat? Also I wanted to ask when (if known) I can sign up for the Chatt. Market? And is the Collegedale market open to all vendors? Just want to make sure I understand the new process, scheduling, etc.

Thanks for the info, Eric Jordan/The Art Farm

GREAT NEWS All I am getting when I register is a cannot add to cart try later. Please help me…I don’t want to miss out. I’ve already done one at Collegedale so I have been approved.

This is a helpdesk question … xoxo

Collegedale is now open to All Vendor Categories, no enrollment limits.

River is both Sat and Sun, but you must register for each individually. If you registered for June 13, then you are not auto enrolled for June 14 – but you can be. Or you can register for Collegedale, or you can try to register for a slot at Chattanooga.

Chattanooga will remain somewhat constrained for a while, thus the reason we have both Sat and Sun open at River – to increase arts/crafts opportunity.

try clearing your browser cache, or using another phone/laptop. Registrations have been processing at a fast pace all afternoon. Maybe you selected a market which has already filled up.

UPDATE: Collegedale Market for June registrations have been published. It’s important that you register for your correct vendor category (Arts/Crafts, Farms/Food or Concessions).

Awesome thanks Chris!

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