Collegedale Market June Update

Collegedale is off to a great rebuild, and I’ve just published July market dates to our registration portal. Overall market sales have averaged $10k/market, with about $350/vendor being the daily sales average. As a reminder, approved market vendors should visit to signup. Deadline for the upcoming weekend is always on Tuesdays, but often sells out in advance.

With farms, local foods, arts/crafts and concessions now active - we’re almost back to a normal pace in Collegedale. Music and cultural events are still suspended, and a heightened sense of awareness/care needs to continue:

  • all vendors attending one of our markets must wear face masks and comply with other TN and CDC guidelines
  • no “common bowl/source” sample can occur; individually sealed sample packets (prepared offsite) are acceptable.
  • body temperature checks must be taken prior to arrival at markets

We’re seeing more people, including a few of our vendors, become less focused with their safeguards (masks in particular). Regardless of your personal beliefs or strategies towards the COVID19 crisis, we must comply with State and CDC guidelines in order to remain operational – which means that our vendors must comply with our stated policies. If you can not get behind that strategy, then please do not attend. I am not willing to risk the collective benefit of the Market over one or two vendors who are unwilling to support the recommended preventative measures.


I completely agree with the guidelines! I am a supporter to make all attenders feel comfortable. I do have a question??? I wear a mask and at times I do pull it to my neck, I need to breathe. I do pull it up when a customer comes close. Is this acceptable? I personally don’t feel comfortable wearing a mask for the duration of the market is healthy, but if that’s what we need to do to be out and working I will conform, just looking for some clarity. Much appreciated!

We have received complaints from customers about vendors not wearing masks, and who are not in compliance with health guidelines. If you are wearing a mask when a customer is near you, I think that addresses the need.

Some are simply choosing to not participate in the efforts. That’s unfortunate, and it’s not something we can let slide. Masks need to be worn per the Governor’s guidelines.