Collegedale Market Update 6/10

Good morning!

We’ve had a nice, strong showing at our Collegedale Market this summer - the community has been interested and supportive of local foods. A few vendors have indicated that they intend to alternate between Chattanooga and Collegedale for a while; that’s great, and I agree that it’s a good strategy.

Starting this weekend, Katie Nelson will be taking over the Collegedale Market Manager role – most of you have met her already. Katie has been focused on the Stadium operations for the last couple of years, and is actually close to her six year mark with the Market! Time does fly…

Gib will be shifting focus toward the River Market this weekend, which is now two-days (Sat/Sun). The Aquarium is one of our oldest/strongest event partners, and Gib has a great relationship/strong experience with that location.

Another change this weekend is that we will be allowed to return to inside of Founders Hall. In general, if you’ve been in a shaded area outside – you will stay put. If you’ve been in the sun on the gravel, we’re going to try to find a spot for you inside (social distancing is still in effect, so our capacity is limited). If you haven’t been attending the markets, you will start outside and work your way inside on a space available basis.

Vendor Sales for last weekend (6/7) averaged $350/vendor, with the two top vendors surpassing $1,000 in sales. All of the Top 6 vendors were farms/food providers of some form – fresh produce, baked goods and other delights. People definitely like to eat!

If you have any questions regarding Collegedale, be sure to contact us through the Help Desk or reach out to us directly on Sunday.