Collegedale Market Update

I wanted to provide everyone with a quick Collegedale Market update. Already, Collegedale has climbed to the #2 weekly market for us on a vendor sales basis. (Holiday Market is our strongest special event series, with over a half-million in vendor sales, and excluded from this comparison)

  • Collegedale has already doubled the vendor sales levels we were experiencing during Cambridge Square on an annual basis

  • Collegedale is firmly on track to exceed annual vendor sales of both the River and Erlanger Markets

For what is effectively a launch-year effort, I’m really quite impressed with how fast it has grown thus far. People who expect instant Chattanooga Market crowds and sales levels are both unrealistic and setting themselves up for disappointment. But those of you who are growing for the future are forming the foundation for this new venue - and will share in the success down the road.

It takes three years to get any new business off the ground, and the same goes for new markets. My estimate is that we are well ahead of pace, but there is still a lot of patient work ahead.


We’re making it our weekly Sunday venue. The sales have increased every week . Looking forward to the future.

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