Collegedale Winter Market 2020 Registration

General enrollment for the Collegedale Winter Market will be available Wednesday, January 29. We have about 25 confirmed Reserved Booths for the winter season, which will leave about 15 indoor spots for single-day/general enrollment, and additional outdoor booth spots (basically unlimited).

Food trucks are welcomed at this event, but all trailers will need to remain on pavement or the course gravel roads. Due to the weather, and some other factors, we are going to not allow vehicles onto the finely crushed gravel areas this year – it creates ruts which has posed problematic from a safety/maintenance perspective. Check in with the onsite market manager before positioning your vehicle!

How to Register

The brand-new registration portal will accessible at

Currently, only the Erlanger Market is accessible – but Collegedale will go live on Wednesday afternoon, January 29. When activated, you will be able to click on the Collegedale Market tile (shown in the graphic above) and review market details and opportunities – we intend to keep the upcoming 4-6 weeks of markets always available onsite for registration.

This is the current list of events available for registration at the Collegedale Market. To view the detail of an individual event, just click on it. Registration for a market is typically towards the bottom of the event listing.

We are currently registering the orders from our Reserved Booth participants (two of which are shown here), but as additional vendors register you will see their names, too. On-Time Registration for the Collegedale Markets is $15 prepaid/online.

Late registration (Walk-Up) is available for this location, but a $5 surcharge will apply to all late registrations. We will not have cash on-hand for most markets, so late registrations should be paid by either check or debit/credit card.

Registration is simple - add to cart, and checkout (like any other e-commerce system) and you are good to go! We even accept Apple Pay now, if you are registering using a mobile device. After working out an initial bug or two, the new system seems to be working very smoothly now – I’ve had several Erlanger Market registrations come across my notifications during the time I’ve spent drafting this post!

River Market, and finally the Chattanooga Market, will go online over the next several weeks. Our off-season is practically non-existent these days, so we’re having to scramble and get the early markets launched while we finish out the rest of the new vendor website. Most everything should be done by April.

If you have any questions, we will be helping people to walk through the registration process during the Annual Vendor Meeting – or you can ask a Market Manager for assistance during one of our upcoming events. So far, this new system has been much simpler to navigate than the last one.


I assume that if you have a reserved both registration is not required?

right – for Collegedale, you have already prepaid/registered for this entire series (which includes the RB). So you are set.

Others are waiting on the individual market option, due to their personal preferences.

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How do food vendors register for Collegedale?

There currently is no distinction between vendor categories for online Collegedale registration. Use the same ticket as everyone else.

Hi Chris, I missed getting in for the first week. It looks like I can walk up and get an outside spot.

Is that correct? I can just check weather the day before and decide if that’s how it works.



Correct; walk-ups are allowed at Collegedale, and yes - you will almost certainly be outside. For the Winter series, we limited capacity to the interior space constraints so that everyone would know what they were getting into!

Once Spring hits, we’ll loosen that cap a bit and treat it more like we do the downtown pavilion.

If we paid for the winter season, would we know our booth prior to arrival?

No; spots are always selected by you, day of, using the Priority Point system. If you are a Reserved Booth vendor, that list was also built using your point standing - and Gib will have that on Sunday

But for Collegedale, during the Winter, the registrations were limited to keep everyone indoors. So you do know that you will be indoors, if you successfully registered online.

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So the Booth number I received is not what I am getting, why did we have to list our preference, only to have to be in line for getting one assigned then?

I think you misunderstood, Ursula. RBs are assigned by points; you do not have to stand in line to pick one. Those without RBs do stand in line to pick from the remaining spots.

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Will the Collegedale Market be open tomorrow due to the current weather situation, if so what time will vendors be able to get in for setup, Thanks

Sure - Founder’s Hall is warm and dry (equipped with a fireplace!), so no worries at all.

Each market info page (which you viewed during the registration process) has the various times listed. If you find that it’s missing key information, let us know and we’ll add it!

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