Collegedale Winter Market 2020 + Reserved Booth

Applications for the Collegedale Winter Market, which includes a complimentary Reserved Booth for the series, are now being accepted.

  • This is a prepaid series: $135 includes all setup fees, and includes a complimentary Reserved Booth for the Winter Market period. The standard 10% sales commission will be collected at the end of the day.

  • Vendors with Reserved Booths are expected to attend most every market, although an occassional break/vacation is fine. Poor attendance will result in Reserved Booth terminations and reassignment.

  • Spaces in YELLOW were occupied by Season Pass vendors in 2019, and will be given top priority for renewal. You may include those spots in your wish list, but they are less likely to be awarded to you.

  • Application Deadline: Jan 28, 2020

  • All RB Vendors must check in with the front desk no later than 9:15am; Reserved Booths not claimed by 9:15am are returned to the general pool, and available for anyone to use during the 9:30am roll call

The application process for a Reserved Booth is very straightforward:

  • Download and print the Application Form << Click here to download

  • Send check for $135 and completed application to address indicated on form.

  • Applications must be received no later than Jan 28; general enrollment will open on Jan 29.


Is this Market going to be open for reservation ? the Erlanger market is the only markets on the calendar?

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After the Collegedale Winter Market/RB deadline, we will open general registration. But we have to know how many spots are available first

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Thanks for the update. will keep my eye on it.

Do we need to apply to the Collegedale Market if we are already a Chattanooga Market Vendor? I would like to be there some this winter, but since I’ve never been there, didn’t want to invest in a permanent booth.

I have to say that a lot of work and thought went in the portal and it is FANTASTIC! Very user friendly and intuitive. Thank you for all the hard work that went into the development and launch.

Connie – no, you are typically already approved for Collegedale if accepted into Chattanooga. Arts & Crafts are an easy “no problem”, but food trucks may need a local Collegedale fire inspection (depending on the event/mood of the fire inspector).

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@Splash Thanks! I’m planning for it to get some added features this year, but appreciate the nice shout-out! I do think it’s easier to use than the previous ticketing system.

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Thank you so much, Chris!

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Will you all be sending out something to let those with reserved booths know which booth they were assigned in advance of the market? It would be nice to know for planning purposes. Thanks for all the work on the new system. It is much nicer and seems to work extremely well.


Yes, we should be - I think the guys are working on it now. Might take a couple days.

And thanks!