Email Notifications Not Working (Being Repaired)

Based on a couple of vendor comments, I’ve discovered that the email notifications from the Forum have been offline/not working for several weeks! This is being researched now, and should be back online soon.

My apologies!

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It turns out that the volume of emails needing to be sent from the forum to our members (you!) was sufficiently large enough to be reclassified as a high-volume sender. As such, I’ve had to reconfigure and add a new service to support the heavy traffic loads. Who knew!?!?

It may take a few days to clear up, but we should be in good shape moving forward.

Wondering what the status of the notification system is ? TIA

it’s working great now, tons of emails going out daily. some email providers have rejected them, however - yahoo in particular. We show no bounced emails from your account

Two additional things:

  • if you check the forum, it won’t send you email updates (because it knows that you’ve already visited the forum since the last update)

  • you have updates disabled on your account (image below)

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Thank you. I made the change and looking forward to updates and posts. Although I visit the site multiple times a day sometimes…:smile:

You are an active user of the forum! (thanks)

This new forum is smart, and won’t pester you unnecessarily (which is cool). The default email time period is weekly; we don’t want for people to disable the emails, and if they appear too frequently then that’s the natural human response.

I check it fairly regularly, too. At least daily

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