Erlanger Market Attendance Information

Hello everyone!

I have been getting quite a few inquiries lately about how the Erlanger Market works and how to become apart of it. This Market is very different from all other Markets we run because it does not have an RSVP option so vendors often wonder how they can attend. I personally curate this Market based on room and the needs of the Market. I like to keep a good variety of products and not have too much overlap with what everyone is selling; therefore certain vendors may be turned away due to the fact that I do not want to saturate its smaller footprint with too much of the same type of products.

We currently have a wait list that is kept internally but it is outdated and a good many of those vendors do not attend Markets regularly anymore or have already been invited to attend. Going forward if you would like to attend you may send an email to the helpdesk.

I will be considering vendors based on the following criteria and in this order:

  • Product category
  • Space availability
  • Priority points

Send inquiries to