Late Registrations/Walk-Up Vendors

[Update: this post has been modified to reflect ability for walk-up vendors at River Market, and further moved into the Vendor Handbook section]

With COVID restrictions now dropped, we will begin accepting late registrations/walk-up vendors at the Chattanooga, River and Collegedale Markets… Several key points to consider:

  • Space may not be available for walk-ups; if the venue is at capacity, you won’t be able to setup.
  • No walk-ups are allowed during our multi-day events, including Opening Weekend, Oktoberfest, and Christmas/Holiday Markets. Erlanger is also excluded for now.
  • Space will be assessed, and your booth locations assigned, after the registered vendors have time to arrive/setup. In many instances, you are going to need to wait to see what’s available.
  • For the Chattanooga Market, walk-ups are almost certain to be placed outside the pavilion.

Finally, the walk-up rates are slightly higher than normal registration rates – $40 vs $33 for Chattanooga Market, for instance. It’s easier on everyone when we can plan for your arrival in advance, so do signup early and save a few bucks!

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Are there walk up spaces available for tomorrow (7/4)? If so what would be the best time to arrive? Thanks !

yes, 9am for Chattanooga

Ok, Thanks so much!!!

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is is too late for the 9/5 market. i thought i had signed up earlier but apparently forgot.

Hey! Is this update still the case for the 2022 season? A couple of the weekends I was wanted filled up more quickly than I thought! Our stuff actually seems to do better outside so we catually prefer it :blush:

if the weekends are full online, there really isn’t any walk-up space available. we are running very close to our true capacities at the moment