Market Report 7/3 (Fireworks)

I’m very behind on my market reports… apologies!

This year marks the second year we’ve been asked to produce the entertainment/animation for the Collegedale Freedom Celebration, and the first year we’ve had three stages – the Commons was under construction last year. A lot of changes, but overall the event went smoothly.

  • Total Festival Sales (under our control): $12,233
  • Average Sales: $471
  • Top Vendor: $2,310
  • Food Truck Range: $554-2,310
  • Food Truck Average: $1,389 (total Food Truck Sales: $9,728)

It was a very strong event for the food trucks. I happened to know at least one high quality food truck provide who was positioned on Alison Pike, and they reported similar sales – so it appears to have been an even playing field as far as that goes.

The top Arts/Craft vendor reported sales of $420, and many reported far lower sales. It wasn’t a great market in that regard – but I do think we reached a lot of new faces, and hopefully introduced them to the Collegedale Market and the Commons.

Thanks to all who attended, and I think it was a good time overall. It took 10 years to really get the Chattanooga Market to a strong position, and we are in year one at Collegedale. We appreciate and recognize the efforts for those who are working hard to build the market; our community is not as simple as opening a Subway, it requires a lot of interactions to create a weekly social destination and productive marketplace.

My warmest thanks to the City of Collegedale for including us in the Freedom Celebration - they have been great partners.