New Vendor Applications

Hi! Im interested in applying as a new vendor for the Chattanooga Market. Will you all create a post letting new applicants know when the applications are open? Would I see that on your social media outlets or should I check back here weekly?

We will be opening applications for Holiday Market soon, but we don’t have an exact restart date for the other markets yet. We will definitely make a vendor forum post when those apps reopen.

Thanks for reaching out!

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Hello, my husband and I would like to apply to become a vendor and attend the Holiday Market. I cannot find where to do this. Can someone assist?

Hi Elizabeth,

Applications are not currently open. When they do open, we will make an announcement on the forum.

Thanks for reaching out!

How often should I check back? :grinning:

If you change your notifications on your profile, then you will be notified when we make a new post in the forum (about announcements or otherwise). But if you’d like to check back in rather than set up the alert, then you can check back in a week or two.