October Markets

Normally market dates can be scheduled at the beginning of the month 2 months before, i.e. Sept dates were available the first of July. October date are listed as opening September 1. Is that correct?

Thanks - corrected. October is now available for registration

Thank you Chris!!!

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Chris, If we are reserved vendors, does that include Octoberfest, or is that extra? do we need to sign up?

Season Pass holders have already registered/paid for the event, so no - you are good to attend.

If a SP is not going to attend, we would like to know that in order to offer that space to a waiting vendor.

Hi… I keep getting this error every time I attempt to pay for the October registration…

  • there was an unknown error - please contact api@wepay.com for support. Nothing different about what I’m doing for this sign up.

Maybe just give it a bit, sounds like they might be having a bad software moment. Nothing we can do on our end to assist.

Gotcha…will try again today. Thanks

Hey…just tried again and got a new message: You have exceeded the quantity limit set up by the sign up creator. You are not allowed to sign up for more than 1 of any individual item and you already have 1 item that you are signed up for.
As if it’s holding on to data from the original attempt to sign up and now it’s not letting me do anything

That means you have already signed up for that event

I also am getting this message but I haven’t previously paid or signed up. (unless I’m just completely forgetting which also possible)

@Alaster - you are signed up for Oktoberfest. Be sure to create a free Signup Genius account, as it allows you to track the events you have registered for quite easily.

Yes, I was finally able to sign up yesterday. not sure why I was getting the error. Thank you!

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