On to the Christmas Market!

Our marketing engine started about 2 weeks ago for Christmas Market…but here’s the Press Release that went out this morning! Please help us by sharing our social media links AND IMPORTANTLY, if you’re participating in the Christmas Market I’d like to help promote YOU!

Please always tag us in your social media posts. Also, if you have some terrific pics of products you’ll be offering in a few weeks, share them with me and I’ll add them to our social media post schedule. Have a great week off—See you soon!



Melissa I have pics of a few things

Thanks Kei!! As I que these up I am wondering…are the first 2 pics pillows? Thank you for supplying these photos!

No they are liquid pour acrylic paint wall hangings made on record album

Also I am trying to reach Chris and not tech savvy. What is the ABSOLUTE EARLIEST we can get to Commons this weekend to set up. We struggle to be completely set up in 2 hours.

Good afternoon, Melissa.
This is Keith with Turnable Wood Creations.
Can I still send you some pics to share?
Thank you,

Kei, Sarah B. will be there at 8:00am on Saturday. I’ve let her know to expect you then so you can get right to your spot!

Ok thank you just thought we could get in earlier