Planting Seeds, Growing Roots

I’m looking forward to seeing some new and some familiar faces this Sunday. I missed last weekend as I was out of town, but heard it was a great showing of vendors and a good showing of the community. We also received positive feedback about shoppers’ experiences on our boosted social media posts.

Kim Thomas and I were chatting today. Reminiscing really, about grassroots and the downtown Market. I remember how Pam Hazelrig (Hazelrig Orchards and original Market vendor) shared with me how she could sit and read a book for hours in the old days. Without a customer. Twenty years later…they can’t come down without several extra sets of hands to help. It took a minute…or a few years!

I’d like to ask for your help. Grass roots marketing is how we will grow a healthy new Market. Social media, posters hung at churches and dentist offices and word of mouth is how this season will transform over the next several months. Slow and steady.

We have thousands of rack cards printed to showcase our Market and the schedule. I’d like to ask that every vendor grab at least 10 rack cards and commit to get them in the hands of folks in their community. If you have Facebook or Instagram, I’d ask that you commit to share our events or the Collegedale Market page. Take a picture while at Market and tag us on social media. Breck Stewart, from our group, can share your post and your images too. It’s the best way to get the word out.

Thanks for your commitment and support!


We’re only a couple miles from VW. Maybe a VW Bug Sunday?? The new Atlas Sunday? Could bring potential customers for both sides. Employee discount? Just some thoughts.


I’d love to get our rack cards or our e-newsletter distributed to the VW facility. Any contacts would be appreciated:)


Hey guys, please share today’s FB post for this weekend!