River Market Contact/ Policies?


What is the email for the river market contact? I have been trying to get in touch with someone but I’m not sure where to turn!

What is the policy if you must miss a market due to some major circumstances? Can someone else take your spot so that it is not wasted? I just had an extremely unexpected surgery and had to miss the market last week and I’m still incapable of doing both Friday and Saturday this week. I hate that I took a spot since the markets are limited and sell out so fast.

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Get in touch with Tara Viland thru help desk of this site, She is the new River Market Manager.

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The Help Desk is universal for all markets/needs: help@publicmarkets.us

If you cancel last minute, then no - there is no chance anyone can take your spot. If it’s a week’s notice, then sometimes that’s helpful. We close registration on Tuesdays, so that we can prepare the reports/etc, so a cancellation after Wednesday really doesn’t mean much.

Hope you are feeling better!

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This is a shame. When I was vending at the Knoxville market they would shotgun out an email on the Thursday before a Saturday market to all the vendors on the standby list, indicating if there were vacancies for the upcoming market. The first people to answer got the vacant spots. I got in numerous times that way before I became a permanent vendor.

Very few vendors who wish to attend our events are unable to do so when they plan ahead and register in advance. Things are a bit tight at this precise moment due to COVID restrictions, but they are lifting and soon additional capacities will be added. This particular scenario will soon go away.