Virtual Craft Fair

Have y’all heard of Eventeny?
Online virtual craft fairs. Vendors set up their stores, and the virtual market is is online during the live fair(maybe for a few days before and after the actual fair). Vendors register and pay to participate, and you get a percentage of sales. It’s super easy for vendors to set up their own online store. I have done it thru Splash Festivals in Atlanta. It might be worth looking into. That way arts and crafts can participate, or any other vendor who might not be ready to be at the live event. Just a thought…

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Good morning Edie. I am in the. process of setting up my Eventeny Store and was running into a roadblock…do you have a few minutes for me to ask a few questions? Like how do I add pricing to the product photos? Link to their preferred payment method?

Hi Lisa_Fowler, if you need any assistance, I’m a representative from Eventeny and happy to help. My email address is Feel free to email me with any questions :slight_smile:

Thank you for the support EdieHarlin! It means the world to us! We made the virtual platform to help artists and vendors during COVID-19 and happy to see that it is growing. Separately, we do have a referral program going:

Thank you! I was able to set the virtual booth up once I read through instructions. It was easier than I thought early on.